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Thread Rolling Screws

Thread Rolling Screws
Thread Rolling Screws
Thread rolling screws are designed for reliable and secure fastening into materials such as plastic. They have a  trilobular lobed cross-section, and form threads in pre-existing holes by pushing material outward during installation. When installed in sheet metal, thread rolling screws often require an extruded hole; the extrusion forms a lead-in and provides extra length for improved retention. Thread rolling screws are popular for applications where the loose chips formed by thread cutting processes must be avoided.
Value Fastener maintains a huge, in-stock inventory of steel thread forming screws and stainless steel thread forming screws. We carry a variety of brands and styles, including Plas-Fix® 45 and Plastite® and EJOT® PT® metric thread rolling screws, and Taptite® and Plastite® inch-size thread rolling screws.

Follow the links above to find the thread rolling screws you’re looking for, or use the filters at left to narrow your search by size, length, material, or other factors. We have the right thread forming screws for any application.

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With one of the largest inventories you’ll find anywhere and great low prices, Value Fastener is your #1 source for thread forming screws. Order today, request a quote, or contact us for the thread rolling screws you need.