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Spacers, Standoffs & Electronic Hardware

  • Spacers, Standoffs & Electronic Hardware Spacers, Standoffs & Electronic Hardware

Spacers, Standoffs & Electronic Hardware

Spacers and standoffs are two types of electronic hardware. Frequently used to join parts together and create space within an electronic panel or device, standoffs and spacers are available in a variety of materials for your application.

For high-quality and cost-effective fasteners, Value Fastener is your one-stop shop. We carry spacers, standoffs, and electronic hardware in a wide range of sizes and styles. Contact us to begin your hex spacer and plastic standoff order today.

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What is the Difference Between a Spacer and a Standoff?

The main difference between spacers and standoffs is that standoffs are threaded on both ends, while spacers are unthreaded. Standoff threads can be external (male) or internal (female), and they come in all thread combinations. Both spacers and standoffs have two openings and either a round- or hex-shaped body, and both are used to create space and keep components apart.
Standoffs and spacers are typically referred to as panel or electronic hardware. Generally used in assemblies like instrument panels or the interior of electronics, spacers and standoffs position components with mechanical support and electrical connection.

What are Standoffs Used For?

Standoffs are used in a variety of applications, from microelectronics to large electrical systems. Simultaneously maintain space within your assembly while securing and holding electronic components in place with round or hex standoffs. Standoffs are commonly used in the following applications:
  • Circuit Boards
  • Electronics
  • Instrument Panels
  • PC Boards
  • Computer interiors

Electronic Hardware Specifications from Value Fastener

Spacers and standoffs are available in both hex and round styles. Electronic hardware is available in a wide range of materials to choose from depending on your application. Whether you’re looking for conductive, nonmagnetic, high-strength, low-profile, insulating, or more, Value Fastener has the spacers and standoffs you need. Some of the materials we have in stock include:
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel-plated brass
  • Nylon
  • Steel zinc
  • Yellow zinc

Advantages to Choosing Standoffs & Spacers for Your Application

There are many benefits to using electronic hardware, such as hex standoffs or plastic spacers. Some advantages are more common sense, but some may not be generally considered.
Because spacers are not threaded, they can be used to protect bolts, screws, and other fasteners or components. Spacers are also sometimes used to group wires within complex circuit boards and other devices.
Standoffs come in a variety of thread styles, from male-female to male-male to female-female. The diversity of threads allows standoffs to be versatile and used in numerous ways within electronic systems.
Value Fastener has a broad inventory of spacers and standoffs. View some of our products here:

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Low-cost fasteners are available from other suppliers, but they aren’t necessarily quality fasteners. Only Value Fastener maintains a commitment to offering high-quality fasteners at cost-effective prices.
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