Closed Eye Bolt

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Closed Eye Bolt

Eye bolts are externally threaded fasteners featuring loops that secure cables, wires, and chains to assist with vertical lifting. Closed end eye bolts are used for hanging numerous types of items from a wall post or ceiling. There are several different varieties of shoulder eye bolts available depending on the requirements of your application.

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Closed End Eye Bolt Classification

Closed eye bolts have two distinct types of classification that is based on either threading or construction.


  • Machine Screw Threading (useful for angular loads of up to 45 degrees)
  • Wood Screw Threading (more useful for light duty applications)


  • Forged (useful for high loads equal to the tensile strength of the material used)
  • Bent Eye (useful for only light duty applications)

Closed Eye Bolt Applications

Our stainless steel eye bolts and steel zinc eye bolts are regularly used for several types of applications, some of which include:
  • Hanging items such as pictures on walls
  • Lifting and tensioning
  • Angular lifting of weights
  • Heavy duty harsh climate applications
  • And more
In addition, Closed end eye bolts are a handy, economical part for use as a temporary fastening in wood. Shoulder eye bolts can be used in overhead applications to suspend light weights for a brief period of time. These highly versatile bolts can also be used as part of a permanent fastening system in side-to-side applications with hooks. 

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