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Socket Cap Screws, Hex Wrenches & Pipe Plugs

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Socket Cap Screws, Hex Wrenches & Pipe Plugs

Socket Cap Screws are also known as Allen head screws. Socket head cap screws are reliable and durable and are used in many applications. They are available in both steel and stainless and are socket head cap screws come in a variety of finishes and sizes.

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Socket Head Cap Screws

Cap screws come with large cylindrical heads that have recessed hex-shaped drives. These make them suitable for applications where clearance is limited, and sockets and wrenches can't be used. Hex-shaped recesses in the head provide a driving surface that has increased protection against damage. Additionally, socket head cap screws feature six sides of contact surface for more torque. Our allen head screws are available in alloy steel, which is the strongest of all steel types. and the high tensile strength provides excellent resistance to galling, fatigue and wear.

Allen Head Screw Applications

Stainless steel socket head cap screws are generally the best screw choice for applications with limited access. Allen head screws can be efficiently adjusted with tools from a standard socket set to allen wrenches, which require very little clearance around the fastener.
Socket cap screws are often used due to quality issues, or stripping problems associated with hex head screws. Cap screws also often round out better than hex head screws, since hex heads require extreme pressure with repeated rounding.

Hex Wrenches

Hex wrenches (allen wrenches) are used to fasten bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. These tools are handy and often come in sets with a range of sizes. Usually made of steel, hex wrenches come with long handles, plastic wrapped handles or as a folding set allowing you to carry it in your pocket. For jobs from large to small, hex keys are an extremely versatile tool.

Pipe Plugs

Pipe plugs are regularly used to close the ends of internally threaded pipes and fittings. Pipe plugs have outside threads and a projecting head that is used to close the opening of another fitting.

Combined Value & Commitment to Excellence

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