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Clips, Bits, Pins & Hooks

U Speed Clips, Bits, Pins, S Hooks
U Speed Clips, Bits, Pins, S Hooks

Value Fastener stocks a wide range of items, from power bits to steel zinc spring pins and everything in between.

Low Cost. Vs. Cost-Effective

There are a number of fasteners distributors that sell products at a low price, but not all of them offer a quality product. Just because a fastener is available for a low price doesn’t mean you’re getting a deal – especially if the product is low quality. Value Fastener is committed to offering quality fasteners at competitive prices.

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Bits, Bit Holders and Nutsetters

  • Insert Bits           
  • Magnetic Hex Insert Bit Holder  
  • Magnetic Power Nutsetter
  • Power Bits


  • Cotter Pins, Steel Zinc    
  • Dowel Pins, Bright           
  • Dowel Pins, Ebony
  • Hitch Pin Clips, Zinc
  • Spring Pins, 420 Stainless Steel 
  • Spring Pins, METRIC Steel, Thermal Black
  • Spring Pins, Steel Black and Oiled
  • Spring Pins, Steel Zinc

U-Type Speed Clips

  • Black Phos & Oil
  • Steel Zinc

S Hooks

  • Zinc