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Clips, Bits, Pins & Hooks

  • U Speed Clips, Bits, Pins, S Hooks U Speed Clips, Bits, Pins, S Hooks

Clips, Bits, Pins & Hooks

Clips, bits, pins, and hooks are essential fastener system parts for any toolbox. Clips and pins come in various styles for temporarily or permanently holding two parts in place. Hooks are essential for hanging and organizing items in a range of industrial or household applications. Bits and bit holders are great to keep on hand as backup for when a drill bit or driver breaks.

Read more about clips, bits, pins and S hooks below!

Our Selection of Fastener Clips, Pins, & Hook Accessories

There are many fasteners distributors that sell products at a low price, but not all of them offer a quality product. Just because a fastener is available for a low price doesn’t mean you’re getting a deal – especially if the product is low quality. Value Fastener is committed to offering quality fasteners at competitive prices.


We stock a wide range of items, from power bits to steel zinc spring pins and everything in between. Browse our selection of fasteners or contact Value Fastener today.

Clips Bits Pins & Hooks for Fastener Systems

Our inventory of fastener system supplies includes everything you need. If you don’t see the style, material, or size your application requires, please contact us!

Bits, Bit Holders and Nutsetters

We carry several types and sizes of screwdriver and power drill insert bits, including:  
  • Insert Bits: available styles include Phillips, Pozidriv® alternatives, reduced Phillips, slotted, square recess, and Torx®.          
  • Magnetic Hex Insert Bit Holder: designed for use with a screwdriver to hold insert bit in place. Available with or without a C-ring.   
  • Magnetic Power Nutsetter: designed for use with drills, drivers, and power screwdrivers, this tool assists in effectively positioning fasteners. Available in sizes from 1/4 to 7/16 inches.
  • Power Bits: styles include Phillips, Pozidriv® alternative, slotted, square recess, and Torx® for use with power drills.

Cotter Pins, Dowel Pins, Hitch Pins, and Spring Pins

Select from a variety of fastener pins in several styles, sizes, and materials:  
  • Cotter Pins: Have a slim design and pass through a hole to hold two components together. Select from two sizes in steel zinc.    
  • Dowel Pins: Feature a short, cylindrical design for insertion into pre-drilled holes. Select from bright or ebony material in sizes from 1/8 to 1 inch.     
  • Hitch Pin Clips, Zinc
  • Spring Pins: Are cylindrical fasteners with a spring design to secure the position of mechanical parts. We stock a variety of sizes in 420 stainless steel, metric steel/thermal black, steel black and oiled, and steel zinc.

U-Type Speed Clips

U-type fastener system parts are manufactured from spring steel that is permanently bent in the shape of a “U” to provide secure clamping of wood, plastic and metal parts.  Our options include:

S Hooks

S-shaped hooks feature blunt ends, and single notches cut into the outer edges of each end. Our inventory includes:
  • 1/4-inch zinc

Request A Quote for Clips Bits Pins & Hooks Parts

Value Fastener offers an impressive inventory of clips, bits, pins, and hooks for fastener systems. All our products are made from high-quality materials and offered at competitive prices. Request a quote for fastener system parts or contact us for more information.
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