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Machine Screws

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Machine Screws

Unlike other types of screw which have tapered ends with pointed tips, machine screws, a type of mechanical screw, have a uniform diameter along the entire length of the shaft, making them very similar to bolts. Like bolts, machines screws can be secured with nuts, but are often driven into tapped holes and secured without nuts. As the name suggests, they are used to fasten machine components, as well as appliances and more.
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Value Fastener Offers Screws of All Types

Follow the links above to find the machine screws you need, or use the filters at left to narrow your search by size, length, material, finish, or other factors. If we don’t have the machine screw you need, it probably doesn’t exist.

Value Fastener offers nylon machine screws, steel machine screws, and stainless steel machine screws with various finishes. We stock a wide variety of head styles, including flat head machine screws, round head machine screws, hex head machine screws, oval head machine screws, pan head machine screw, truss head machine screws, filister head machines screws, and more. Eighteen styles are available in all. We also stock machine screws in several different sizes, including extra long machine screws.
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We offer one of the largest selections of machine screws you’ll find anywhere, along with a huge inventory of other quality fastener products for all applications. Order today, request a quote, or contact Value Fastener for the machine screws you need.
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