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Hex Bolts / Cap Screws

Hex Bolts / Cap Screws
Hex Bolts / Cap Screws

Hex bolts and Cap Screws are bolts that feature hexagonal, or six-sided, heads. Hexagon screw head bolt products are used with common tools, making them ideal for a range of industries, especially in construction applications.  
Hex bolts are a large category that encompasses many kinds of bolts with hexagonal heads, and, as a hex head bolts supplier, Value Fastener provides a wide variety of hex bolts to meet your needs.


Applications for Hex Head Bolts and Screws

Hex head bolts and fasteners are used in a range of applications, especially for fastenings wood, steel, and other construction materials. They are ideal for docks, bridges, highway structures, and building projects.  

Hex head bolts and screws can be used with most everyday tools, making them perfect for applications that need speed and versatility.

Hex Head Bolt and Fastener Types

Hex head bolts and fasteners are available in a variety of types to meet your application needs, whether they are heavy industrial designs to small construction projects.

Flange Bolts/Frame Bolts: These hex head bolts can be attached without a separate washer because of a flange beneath the head.

Heavy Hex Bolts: Heavy hex bolts provided additional strength for heavy-duty industrial applications like bridges and infrastructure projects, but can be used Heavy hex bolts are used for heavy-duty industrial projects like bridges and infrastructure projects.

Hex Head Cap Screws: Hex head cap screws have hexagonal heads and machine threads that are used with nuts or tapped holes.

Machine Bolts: Hex machine bolts are made from carbon steel, making them ideal for corrosive environments.

Metric Bolts: Metric bolts are hex head bolts that can be used without a separate washer because of its machine threads.

Military-Spec Bolts: These hex head bolts and fasteners are designed for military applications.

Structural Bolts: Made from carbon steel, structural bolts are used in structural steel joints in heavy construction.

Tap Bolts: Tap bolts are fully threaded hex bolts that are inserted into holes in assembled parts and then tightened by torquing a nut.

Value Fastener is Your Premier Hex Head Bolts Supplier

We are your one-stop shop for hex head bolts and screws, as well as a large selection of other commercial and military-grade fasteners designed to meet your needs. To learn more about our hexagon screw head bolt products, contact us today.