Hanger Bolt Fastener Drivers

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Hanger Bolt Fastener Drivers

A hanger bolt driver tool is specifically manufactured to quickly and easily install headless hanger bolt fastener products. Since headless hanger bolts are extremely unique fastener products, the hanger bolt driver bit that is used to install them must be equally exceptional. The hanger bolt driver bit can be used with a power drill for quicker and more efficient product installation.

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How to Use a Hanger Bolt Driver Tool?

Due to the unique style and shape of hanger bolts, standard screw drivers do not provide the proper grip for effective hanger bolt installation. By simply tightening the hex shank of the hanger bolt driver bit into the drill chuck, the hanger bolt driver tool provides quick and efficient hanger bolt installations into the surface of nearly any wood. The following steps should be utilized for proper hanger bolt installation:
  • Drill pilot holes
  • Attach hanger bolt driver bit
  • Install or remove hanger bolts

Hanger Bolt Driver Tool Advantages

Hanger bolt driver bits provide easy installation and removal of headless hanger bolts for a wide range of applications. With numerous size options, hanger bolt bit drivers are ultra-convenient and simple to use. Some of the additional benefits of hanger bolt driver bit fasteners, include:
  • Extreme durability
  • Sturdy design
  • Variable mounting patterns
  • Smooth installations
  • Strong, dependable
If you have specific questions regarding our hanger bolt insertion options, contact us and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Value Fastener is an industry leading provider of industrial, headless hanger bolt driver tools.

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