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Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless Steel Fasteners
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Every part of a machine that operates in a corrosive environment needs to be corrosion resistant – even down to the smallest screw. Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistant properties and is an ideal choice for marine environments and any applications that make use of harsh chemicals.
At Value Fastener, our selection ranges from stainless steel bolts to stainless steel wood screws. We’re confident that you will find the fasteners you need in our catalog.

Military Hardware

Value Fastener supports defense contractors by offering a wide range of military grade fasteners.

What is Value?

A low price on a cheap product is not a deal – it’s just a cheap product. Moreover, low-cost, low-quality fasteners need to be replaced more often than those that are well made. Value Fastener is dedicated to offering high quality fasteners at competitive prices.

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