Conduit Lock Nuts, Die Cast Zinc

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Conduit Lock Nuts, Die Cast Zinc

For securing conduits to metal enclosures and outlet boxes, choose die cast zinc conduit locknuts. Vibration and motion can loosen fittings in knockouts and unthreaded slip holes. Conduit locknuts help keep the fittings in place, making them a smart choice for electrical assemblies in trucks, jets, ships and anywhere else loose fittings are a concern. 

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Die Cast Zinc Conduit Locknuts

Strength and toughness are characteristics of zinc, but considering that conduit locknuts are most often used in electronic assemblies, zinc offers an even better benefit: anti-sparking properties. In some industries and environments, preventing explosion-causing sparks is absolutely essential. Choosing the right materials even down to the smallest parts can help make vehicles and facilities safer.

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