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Metric Fasteners

Metric Fasteners
Metric Fasteners
It’s important to keep metric fasteners on-hand so that when you have a project that requires them, you can complete the project without delay. Value Fasteners offers a broad selection of metric fasteners at competitive prices.
Our catalog includes:
  • Electronic Hardware
    • Clinch Nuts
    • Clinch Studs
    • Standoffs           
  • Metric Cage Nuts & Metric Clinch Nuts  
  • Metric Hex Flange Bolts
  • Metric Machine Screws
  • Thread Forming Screws
  • Thread Rolling Screws
  • Washers

Real Value

A low price on a low quality product doesn’t add up to much. In fact, because a low quality product is likelier to break, it will cost more in the long run when it needs to be replaced.

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