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Metric Fasteners

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Metric Fasteners

Metric fasteners are measured in millimeters, as opposed to standard fasteners that are measured in Inches. Metric hardware products should be used exclusively with metric nuts and washers.  Metric fasteners offer the same quality and durability as standard measured fasteners but are differentiated due to the way they are sized. Certain applications require the use of only metric fasteners, making it ideal to have both standard and metric hardware fasteners on hand.



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Metric Hardware Options

 It’s important to keep metric fasteners on-hand so that when you have a project that requires them, you can complete the project without delay. Value Fasteners offers a broad selection of metric fasteners at competitive prices. We offer the following types of metric fasteners:
  • Electronic Hardware
    • Clinch Nuts
    • Clinch Studs
    • Standoffs           
  • Metric Cage Nuts & Metric Clinch Nuts  
  • Metric Bolts
  • Metric Machine Screws
  • Thread Forming Screws
  • Thread Rolling Screws
  • Washers

Interpreting the Different Aspects of Metric Fasteners

 When interpreting the size of metric hardware products, it is important to remember that the size of a metric screw or bolt is measured in millimeters (mm) and is specified as diameter, pitch and length. The sizing for metric fastener nuts, will appear as diameter and pitch. However, if pitch isn't specified, the fastener is coarse threaded. The differences between these specifications are described below.
  • Diameter: the larger the number, the larger the fastener
  • Pitch: the larger the number, the coarser the thread (the fewer the threads per unit of measure); coarse is the most common metric thread and is assumed when pitch isn't specified
  • Length: the larger the number, the longer the fastener
  • Standard: the DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI standard number that applies to the fastener

Understanding Pitch

Pitch can be described as the distance between adjacent threads. When referring to their pitch threads, metric fasteners are typically classified as either coarse or fine, although some sizes are available in an extra fine thread. Coarse metric fasteners, when compared to standard "inch" fasteners, tend to be less coarse. Depending on the size, fine metric fasteners can also be described in different degrees of fine. However, coarse is the most common metric thread and is assumed when pitch isn't specified.

Metric Hardware Standardizations

 Metric fasteners are commonly manufactured to meet standards set by DIN - German Institute for Standardization or ISO - International Organization for Standardization. However, they are still referred to by the applicable standard number. Often the JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard and ANSI - American National Standards Institute may also be specified.

Contact Value Fasteners for Metric Fasteners Today

 A low price on a low-quality product doesn’t add up too much. In fact, because a low-quality product is likelier to break, it will cost more in the long run when it needs to be replaced. Contact us for more information regarding our metric hardware product options, or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis today.
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